My Genius Hour Project

My Genus hour project is learning how to make music and beats. The websites I am going to be using is Soundation and Soundtrap. These are websites that are used to make music of your own and you can also make changes anytime you want. My partner is Carson. Carson and I planning on making […]

Genius Hour blog #3

Things are going so good. I am coming to a conclusion on my project. I have made 2 songs so far. My partner Carson has only made 1 song  and I’m okay with that. Our songs didn’t really meet our goal, our songs are only like 47 seconds long. But I feel comfortable with my […]

Genius Hour Project Blog #2

Hello everyone, I am going to talk about my progress on my genius project. I have learned that you can not combine a random sound with a beat to make a song. Me and my partner Carson have been making good progress on our songs. We both feel very good about our songs. It is […]

My visit at college.

The college I went to go visit was DMACC. DMACC stands for des moines area community college. I think DMACC is a good college to study for 2 years and transfer to a bigger college like the university of Iowa. What surprised me was that the college isn’t really that big. it was kind of […]

My Genius Hour Project

My topic for the genius hour project is How to Make Homemade Items. It sounds kind of like a girl thing, but it is probably gonna be easy. I am going to work on this project with my partner Carson. Carson and I plan to make Items like Glue, Soap, Candles, and other household items […]

What I hope to do this Summer!

What I hope to do this summer is go to Mexico National Soccer Team game. I had always wanted to go to a professional Soccer or Futbol game. Going to a professional Soccer game means having a chance to meet your favorite Soccer players. The player I want to meet at the Soccer game is […]

Week 10: So long

I have written and have posted 7 blogs so far. 2 were school based and 5 were set by the challenge. I also received 7 comments from, 6 were from people who were overseas and 1 was from my classroom. Things About Me was the blog that had the most comments. I think that it […]

Week 7: The Life of a Cheetah

The animal I am going to talk about is the Cheetah. The Cheetah is the fastest land animal. The reason I did the Cheetah is because the Cheetah just sounds like it is an interesting animal to talk about. I mean it is the fastest land animal. Cheetahs have a tail like a rudder on […] Brcyen  is 12 years old. Brycen’s blog is about what position he plays in football and what team he plays for. He explains that he has almost been to every country in the world. Brycen did well at explaining at  what he likes to do and tells a lot of information. Austin is […]

Our Food

When I eat Mexican food I usually put salsa on it. It is so good, because it gives it more of a taste in the food. Americans usually combine salsa with tortilla chips. But for example Mexicans use it with tacos. Salsa can be different in ways. For example some people would like it to […]

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